Chef Profile

Global flavours play when Head Chef Nadia Hermenegildo is in charge.

Head Chef Nadia Hermenegildo had an unlikely change of career during her early twenties when she discovered her love for cooking. While studying a Major in Translation, she left her home in Peru to improve her English in the big smoke of New York City and entered a commercial kitchen as a prep cook. Falling in love with the fast pace of life in the kitchen and the art of cooking, Nadia returned to Peru and enrolled in culinary school to complete her formal training as a chef, new passion ignited.

Nadia’s formal training took her all the way to Spain on work placement as a chef. Her time in Barcelona was spent under the guidance of a head chef counted as part of the El Bulli brigade, which was voted the best restaurant in the world during this time. It was through this connection that Nadia was then able to assist private functions for El Bulli and grow her evolving culinary passion further.

Nadia has since moved to Australia and powered through a Diploma in Hospitality Management as well as adding to her technical ability at restaurants such as Vineyard Restaurant in St Kilda and Crabapple Kitchen in Hawthorn. Joining ALIBI - Urban Gastropub, Nadia enjoys the freedom to play with fusion flavours and flair that dazzles the tastebuds of all who dine.

“I have a broad range of cooking skills and believe in creating interesting yet accessible food that gives a good punch and depth of flavour - this is really well suited to ALIBI - Urban Gastropub given its menu of sharing and street food style dishes that are a real cultural melting pot of cuisines.”