Alibi Kitchen and Bar is the place to see and be seen in the heart of Melbourne’s bustling CBD.

Secure your alibi over drinks with friends, and witness a vibrant café and dining culture inside a lively venue.

A melting pot of flavours, fun and global influences, Alibi Kitchen and Bar pulses with an edgy vibe, drawing office workers from nearby buildings in for a quick morning coffee, and satisfying the cravings of locals and guests of the hotel from early breakfasts until well after dark.

Wide glass frontage provides a view to the leafy trees of Little Bourke Street; meanwhile the historic law courts of Melbourne sitting opposite are inspiration for both name and theme inside Alibi Kitchen and Bar. Come face-to-face with a white-wigged judge when entering the restaurant thanks to a mural of funky street art adorning the back wall - a piece from local Melbourne artists that reflects the city with eye-catching caricature.

Under the circumstantial evidence, Alibi Kitchen and Bar is a trendy, urban hotspot lending well to corporate meetings, fast-paced lunches and captivating after-work drinks as those in surrounding offices wrap up another busy day. Fit out in black timber floors and filled with natural light, the restaurant pops with warm honey tones and a crackling fireplace that marks an internal meeting point for those about to dine together. Drinks and tapas can be enjoyed at high bar tables for casual affairs while sleek tables are well suited to leisurely feasts and chowing down on fusion fare without restraint.